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The Dream Maker, Julie Lokun, JD
& Masters Certified Coach

Julie Lokun is a lawyer and coach reimagining executive coaching. She coaches executives and teams on how to re-think leadership during and after a crisis. Julie holds a Juris Doctorate and Masters Certification in coaching, teaches leaders how to use empathy, vulnerability, and their imaginations to reconnect with their teams, clients, partners, and communities.

Julie believes that the most important work for our times includes cultivating an ability to adapt quickly while honoring emotional intelligence as the key ingredient of resilience. In her practice, she helps organizations leverage human capital during or following crises by focusing on individual development through mindfulness practices designed for stressful environments. 

She also works with executives who are struggling with self-awareness, and who are challenged with leading their team and re-connecting post-pandemic environment. Julie is the author of the #1 best-seller on Amazon, Hustle Smart. 

Julie Riga is an ICF-ACC Certified leadership coach, trainer, and facilitator with big-picture, director-level program/project management experience, Julie is valued for orchestrating diverse resources into coherent, high-functioning teams that consistently deliver breakthrough results on time and under budget. Author, Motivational Speaker, TEDx speaker, enthusiastic lifelong learner.

Julie Riga dives deep into revealing purpose-led careers and major mindset shifts. Julie taps into brilliance as Diary Detox Certified Practioner and is widely recognized as a visionary in holistic executive leadership. 

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Sometimes you have to give up the person you thought you were to become the person you were meant to be-  Julie Lokun + Julie Riga

Mika Altidor is a Certified Coach and Business Development Specialist with over 10 years of experience in branding, building, and scaling small businesses. She has been on the ground floor of corporate rebranding as an executive emotional intelligence coach to help teams reconnect and rebuild.

Her background as a serial entrepreneur includes founding multiple companies in media relations, marketing communications, public relations consulting, brand development and strategic planning. Mika’s expertise lies in lifestyle brands that create positive change for their consumers through social consciousness messaging campaigns or by providing opportunities for those who have faced obstacles to find success.

The Queen Of Confidence
Mika Altidor, Certified Coach

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Julie Riga, ICF Coach and MBA

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Julie Lokun, JD and Masters Certified Coach

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Mika Altidor, Certified Coach

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