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September 18th

Get Your Booked Published. 

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Meet Your Instructors

Are You A Writer With A Dream To Be Published?

Are you a writer? Or are you dreaming of writing a book and getting it published?  Let us tell you it is the most possible thing that you will ever do.  Embark on the journey of delicious validation as you share your voice with the masses. 

Instructors Nicki Pascarella and Julie Lokun, JD provide the history, proven track record, and an insider's view in the publishing world that will inspire and educate all the workshop participants. 

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Nicki Pascarella (left) Loves Inspiring Up And Coming Authors

Learn From The Experts
In this webinar we will cover:

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Editor and Chief of Media Queens Publishing House, published author, Nicki Pascarella loves to empower aspiring authors to channel their inner excellence.  Nicki, a published author,  delights in curating empowering literary pieces that tickle the senses and leave you yearning for more. Nicki's professional precedent spans two decades of giving students the tools to be published and flourish as an author.

Nicki teaches you to think outside the box in terms of positioning and marketing your book. Her information-rich workshops guarantee an actionable blueprint on getting your book published, whether through self-publishing or an established publishing house.

Nicki's latest published works include StumpStrong, Strength in Roots, and Troubles In Bellmount, published by Wild Rose Press. 

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Nicki Pascarella

Nicki Pascarella is a renowned published author of StumpStrong and of the series Troubles in Bellmont.

Nicki is the editor-and-chief of Media Queens Publishing House, an Indie publishing house that empowers, educates, and entertains its readers. Nicki provides her students with an insider look into how to curate a focused strategy on getting writer's works published. 

Julie Lokun, JD

Julie Lokun, JD is the author of the Hustle Smart Series and Publisher of Media Queens Publishing House.  Julie brings to the table an extensive knowledge of branding and marketing literary works.  Julie amplifies the works of creatives to get seen. Julie assists writers on how to effectively brand their books and position them in a competitive market. 

The Write Stuff Instructors

When: September 17th
What: Online Publishing Workshop
Time: 10am CST-1pm CST
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