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Balanced Life Coaching With Mika Altidor

Coaching Expertise in:

  • Esteem

  • TeenSmart: EmpoweringYouth & Teens

  • Transformational Life

  • Public Speaking and Media Promotion

  • Peak Performance

  • Business Development

  • Plant-Base Lifestyle



Mika is a credentialed life coach who approaches your coaching experience with a compassionate strategy.  Mika is passionate about facilitating lives to their potential. Mika embraces the power of the proverbial "crown".  This crown we wear atop of our heads represents our inner confidence and when properly adjusted, opens up a world of abundance.    

Acclaimed Author of "Chasing Vegan"

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Guiding Teens To Personal Victory

-The Smart Way

Do You have a teen or pre-teen who is struggling?  Struggling with social issues?  Grades? Communication? Lack of Goals?  Or fails to see their self-worth?

TeenSmart Is a proven approach to bringing your teen the guidance and tools she/he needs to navigate these tricky years.  Mika, who is affectionately known as the fairy godmother to her teenage clients, engenders trust and creatively walks teens through a confidence-building program that elevates their understanding of their path in life. Our program is infused with support from the Crown Team, giving support to parents through coaching and holistic healing. Your teen will never look back. And we guarantee our work. 

THe Book

Mika's Passion For Living Your Best Life Extends into Everything She Does--Personally & Professionally.  Mika and Her Partner, Victor, are Award-Winning Bakers And Authors of  The Acclaimed Cookbook "Chasing Vegan"

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