We are life coaches who facilitate the space between dreams and reality. 

We offer you access to experts in careers, entrepreneurial development, health and wellness, therapeutic healing, marriage, divorce and couples coaching and so much more.

The Crown & Compass Whole Life Coaching Experience is a focused approach that is based on the philosophy that you have all the tools to be living your best life.  With the personal blueprint that you bring to the table, our credentialed team can get you to the place that you want to be.

We understand that you are not a linear human being.  You are a multi-faceted human, the has rich experiences. Whole Life Coaching at Crown And Compass understands that your career affects your relationships and your relationships affect your wellness.  Our approach, while targeted on your goals, looks at all the variables of your life so you bring your best to whatever you do!

Coaching Expertise:​


  • Career

  • Wellness

  • Relationship / Couples 

  • Mindful Eating

  • Peak Performace

  • Business / Entrepreneurial

  • Divorce

  • Life Satisfaction

  • Confidence

  • Youth & Teen

  • Therapeutic

  • Faith and Spiritual

  • Self Esteem

  • Parenting

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Julie is one of the most personal,

genuine people, I can say that I’ve

had the pleasure to meet.

Julie’s heart is all in this.
You will not find any sweet talk

manipulations with this kind lady.
Julie is as sincere as they come.
Such a Joy to have been privileged

to have met her.

--Nellie Quist

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Collectively, The C & C Coaches Are Wives, Mothers, Girlfriends, Entreprenuers, Hold Masters and Doctorate Degrees, Pet Parents, Employees, Advovates and The Facilitator of Dreams

Image by Julian Hochgesang

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