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Hustle Smart, The Ultimate Guide For Entrepreneuers

Are you an entrepreneur or thinking of starting your own business?
Branding is an essential element in any successful business.  
Julie Lokun, JD, Master Business Coach, and Branding Expert works with clients on mastering the power of their brand. Julie is the author of the entrepreneurial book series, Hustle Smart, which provides the tools insiders use to launch a business that thrives. 

Julie's professional acumen walks you through the steps on how to create an unforgettable brand and get your brand seen.  It is not ok to just survive as a small business, but rather thrive. 

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme-this is an experience where you have access to the resources to build a substantive business.

Julie Is An Business Development Expert In:

  • Intuitive Branding

  • Visibility

  • Content Creation

  • Media Relations

  • Publishing

  • Podcast Launching

  • Brand Positioning

  • Social Media + Placement

  • Building Client Lists + More

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What You Will Learn:
  • Your Brands Message
  • Leave With A Focused Brand Message
  • How To Create Visibility For Your Business
  • How To Organically Attract More Clients
  • The Tools You Need To Create A Powerful Look For Your Business
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Join Julie For The Hustle Smart Experience

 Do you want to learn how to start a business online?  

Julie teaches her clients how to start your business online. Reach out to Julie and she would be happy to give you a call for a free power session so you can look to launch a business online or in a brick and mortar capacity. She has been guiding new entrepreneurs for half a decade achieve business success and distinguish their businesses from the competition. 


What is a Hustle Smart Entrepreneur?

He/She is a visionary that leads with a mission.  The HSE takes chances, seizes opportunities, and is a lifelong learner.   The HSE does not quit their day job to launch their new business.  The HSE will strategically hustle while maintaining a consistent flow of income. The HSE squashes inner-doubt and laughs at the imposter syndrome.  The HSE is unabashedly authentic and navigates their business with integrity.  The HSE is resilient and learns from the fumbles along the way.  And the HSE has an intrinsic intelligence and hustles the smart way.

My mission is to empower and educate clients who want to develop their unique idea, product, or service into a thriving business.  I took my small but powerful idea and built an incredible 6 figure online business in less than a year- and I want to pass along all the lessons I learned along the way.


Hustle Smart walks clients through the process of strategizing and monetizing their entrepreneurial adventures.  Sign up for Julie's upcoming free webinars below. 

  • Do You Have A Spark?

  • Do You Have An Idea That You Know Will Solve A Problem Like No Other?

  • Do You Have A Marketable Skill That You Want To Monetize But Don't Know How?                             Hustle Smart teaches you how to position your new business and the avenues that optimize its visibility.

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Hustle Smart

Build Your Business The Smart Way

" Julie took my business to new heights.  I was struggling to find a focused brand for my business and get paying clients, and Julie was the answer to my prayers.  My business is now thriving and I owe it all to Julie. 

-Teresa Bales, IL

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Services Include:

Resume Writing

Applicant Tracking System Optimization

Job Scanning

Job Search

Career Coaching

Interview Coaching

Personal Branding

Business Development

Entreprenurial Development

Podcast Launching

Julie + Her Team Provide Service in: