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Tia Morell-Walden
Integrative Nutritionist

Certified Holistic Health Coach


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Tia Morell, Certified Holistic Nutritionist  & Life Coach, Understands Weight Loss Is More Than Just The Food You Eat. 

Are you looking to lose weight?  And are you ready to lose weight for good? Tia Morell Walden offers an innovative approach, that is budget-friendly-that produces real results. 

Tia coaches accountability while guiding you on your health journey.  Whether it is a journey of weight loss, reinvigorating your youthful energy, or integration of a plant-based diet, Tia is positioned to guarantee your results.  Tia is a thought leader in the holistic health world and offers innovative approaches to realigning your overall health.  Join her monthly webinars for free to gain valuable insight into how to navigate your wellness path in today's unpredictable world.  


  • weekly coaching calls

  • meal planning

  • personalized App to keep you accountable

  • Voxer intensive coaching

  • individualized action plans

  • full support throughout the week

  • meal planning support and development

  • health and wellness assessments

  • fitness integration

  • interactive board to track progress and supply resources

  • work as a team with your coach

  • access to a weekly empowerment discussion group

  • wellness analysis

  • budget friendly wellness plans

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Your health is not about losing weight. When you start thinking differently about yourself-your actions follow.

Tia Morell Walden, Certified Health Coach, Integrative Health Nutritionist and Best-Selling Author Of
Obsessed With Mindful Eating

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This Is Weight Loss That Is Sustainable.

The Energy Wasted By Chasing An Unattainable Ideal Can Be Exhausting.  Start Learning How To Cultivate Real Beauty From The Inside Out. 


Learn the tools to create a better relationship with your body. You are more than the numbers on the scale. Get real information to creating lasting change in your health and wellness journey.

January 8th, 12-3pm CST


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