Julie Lokun, JD
Master's Certified Coach
Founder of Crown + Compass

Julie's vision for Crown and Compass Whole Life Coaching offers incredible value to her clients who are looking to heal their minds, body, and spirit.  This approach infuses an expert team of coaches who provide individualized services.  As a collective of credentialed coaches, Julie facilitates a client's journey by individualized road maps that incorporate accountability, motivation, and research to elicit peak performance. She is known as a compassionate guide that is relentless in providing sustainable results.  

Julie's expertise as a Divorce Concierge Coach is a "must-have" for clients navigating the turbulence of relationship challenges.  She draws upon her legal background and fundamental knowledge of the landscape of divorce.  Her history in providing clients with support and resources is unparalleled. 

Julie is the author of the entrepreneurial series, Hustle Smart, publisher of Media Queens Publishing House and co-host of the podcast, Obsessed With Humans On The Verge Of Change. 

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Tristin Hodges, LMHC

Certified Life Coach

Whole Life Team Lead Coach

Tristin leads the Whole Life Coaching Team. 
Tristin is a licensed mental health professional which adds a layer of professional acumen to her coaching approach.  She unearths the root of her client's challenges and assists in the journey of removing limiting mindsets to reach human potential.   Her expertise in advising clients to reach peak performance is layered with keen insight into mental health and strategic goal setting. 

Tristin's coaching vision has elevated hundreds of clients' careers, fitness, and relationship goals. Tristin tirelessly advocates for those struggling with mental health challenges.  Tristin is the co-host of the podcast Obsessed With Humans on The Verge of Change.


Mika Altidor

Certified Life Coach

Self Esteem Specialist

Young Adult & Teen Empowerment Ambassador

Mika is a compassionate faith-based coach who has a strategic approach to unlocking the potential in every client.
 Mika is a thought leader in the entrepreneurial industry and has successful launched several thriving businesses.

As a coach, she specializes in understanding and eliminating the components of low-self esteem.  She loves working with younger women and teens who are just coming into their own and helping them to find their voice.  Mika is an avid baker and embraces the Vegan lifestyle.  

Mika is an ambassador for the plant-based lifestyle, a keynote speaker, media expert, author,  podcast host, and owner of the renowned vegan bakery, Victor and Mikas located in Central Florida.

Tia Morell

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Certified Life Coach

Health & Wellness Lead Coach

Tia is a certified holistic nutritionist, certified health coach, and life coach.  She leads the industry as a thought leader in wellness-based mindset integration that has a proven track record of client success.


Tia is the author of the popular book, Obsessed with Mindful Eating.  In this book, she emphasizes the importance of giving yourself grace on your health journey. 

Tia optimizes the health coaching experience by creating an individualized app for each client to track progress and keep clients accountable.  Tia is also known for her budget-friendly meal planning that pleases the most discerning palates.  Tia knows that your relationship with food is important and she will help untangle negative habits. When clients adhere to her wellness program success is within reach.

Tia is the co-host of the podcast, Obsessed With Humans On The Verge of Change, which ranks in the top 5% globally.

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