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Unleashing Your Business Potential Through Publishing, Podcasting & Presenting

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Join experts Corinna Bellizzi, Julie Lokun, Nicki Pascarella, and Julie Riga For a 3P experience (Publishing, Podcasting & Presenting).

If you are an entrepreneur or have always dreamed of sharing your voice with the world, The 3P workshop is an interactive experience that allows you to leverage your expertise through podcasting, publishing and presenting. 

Building your dream business takes ingenuity, resilience, and agility. In this jam-packed workshop, you will learn the tools you need to leverage your expertise, use your voice on different platforms, and how to monetize your efforts. 

This professional development seminar will take the guesswork out of your brand expansion. It is led by leaders in publishing, podcasting, and speaking. You will receive an easy-to-understand guide on how to publish your book, launch and market your podcast, and how to get on stage to spread your message.

In The Pen | Pod | Present Workshop You Will Learn:

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Corinna Bellizzi, MBA

Corinna is a seasoned podcaster hosting 3 wildly successful podcasts. She is an marketing executive who has harnessed the power of podcasting to grow various brands and causes. Corinna is the co-founder of

The Mediacasters, which has the mission of amplifying voices of impact.

Julie Lokun, JD

Julie is the host of 2 podcasts, author of the best-selling series, Hustle Smart and master's Coach.  Julie has a background in legal advocacy and a believer in the power of untapped creativity.

Julie is the co-founder of

The Mediacasters, which has the mission of amplifying voices of impact.

Nicki Pascarella

Nicki is the editor and chief of The Mediacasters Publishing House.  Her passion for writing brought her notoriety as a well-recognized author of 3 published books.

Nicki is passionate about empowering authors to reach their fullest potential, getting published and thriving as an author. 

Nicki is a certified group facilitator and is known as a leading expert in group instruction. 

Julie Riga, MBA

Julie is a TEDx speaker, trained at theTEDx Headquarters. Julie has been gracing stages for over a decade speaking to audiences on purpose-led leadership.  Julie is an ICF certified coach, best-selling author and podcast host. 

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Join Our Pen|Pod|Present Workshop
Join The Experts For A 1-Day Online Event that will give you the tools you need to diversify your brand and elevate your voice.
Present Like A Pro Workshop
March 26th 12pm - 2:30 CST

Join us for a power-packed session that gives you the tools to polish your presentation skills, learn how to find speaking gigs, pitch podcasts, and media, and perfect your media kit. 

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