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3 Ways To Kick Fear In The Face and Live On The Verge of Change.

The marriage of routine and predictability is the armor many of us wear to protect ourselves from disruption. Our brains love habits. Our brains adore routines. When we are jarred out of an existing routine or habit our instinct directs us to flee. This fight or flight mechanism, while necessary to avoid harm, has been conditioned to alert us when things get a bit uncomfortable.

The place of comfort and routine is not a bad place to live because not all people are called to live on the brink. However, those who have heard a subtle cry that they are meant to live a big life understand that residing in the status quo is not enough.

If you are an entrepreneur or creative, you know the status quo is your worst enemy. This can be more of a challenge if you are an introvert. According to Very Well Mind, the word introvert is used to describe someone who tends to turn inward, meaning they focus more on internal thoughts, feelings, and moods rather than seeking out external stimulation. You might hear people use the words withdrawn or introspective as synonyms for an introvert.

I know this for a fact. I know that I have been tickled by the voice in the back of my head for years. This powerful voice has no name, shape, or quantitative algorithm. As mysterious as this message is, it is so familiar because it is my voice. It is the voice that knows I am not living in alignment with my purpose. It is my voice that tells me that I am not seeking fame or fortune. It is my voice telling me that I am destined to take inspired action. It is my voice reminding me of my finite existence here on earth.


Living on the brink is where we prepare for change. I made a vow this year that I would do things that really scare me. For example, public speaking is something I have avoided for the past decade. The idea of having a captive audience-focused solely on my words is frightening. Truth be told, I decidedly chose not to speak publicly after I blacked out arguing a case in front of a federal judge. I did not pass out, I did not make a spectacle, but I literally have no memory of my passionate plea for justice. I created a narrative of fear and protected myself from the dark cloud of anxiety.


This is how you kick fear in the face and live on the verge of change.

  • Attack your fears weakness. Fear loves isolation. Fear loves when you do not have anyone to talk to. Be proactive in changing fear's narrative and reach out to friends, online or offline communities, and family members.

  • Scare your fear away. Remind your brain that by not tacking your fear of _________________ (insert your fear here), you will be living a small life. Remind yourself that residing in your comfort zone will lead you to a lifetime of woulda, coulda, shouldas.

  • Take the leap, messy and all. Record a video, jump out of a plane, speak on a stage, start a side hustle and do it with gusto. Do the thing that scares you the most with the eye of a tiger. Do that thing and do it like no one is watching. After all, the moment you take your final breath don't regret that fear was the director of your life.

You've Got This--Jules

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